Xbox One vs PlayStation Pro

Xbox One vs PlayStation Pro

Answer 1:

If you’re good with the x box, stay with it. I just bought a ps4 and honestly it’s the worst thing for me, every country has its own store and no one has told me and my country that now Where is living PSN setting so I chose another country. Now I came to know that I can’t buy Kent redeem code and I can’t buy online and even I can’t change the setting for another country because it was a waste of money, and You’ll be lucky if someone answers from a Sunny or PS support team, you can’t log in from another PC to check your account if you have an error message problem when adding new users and can affect game or show errors is. The new generation of consoles means a new generation of games, but instead of hard drive scaling in proportion to setting size. With a 50 GB single game for PS4 titles, you can only access 4 games at a time, even if you buy a disc instead of a digital download. I always need to download it to play another game after losing too much money to delay one game, lose all new maps and levels, this is unfair, in X box I think my friend 11 I can have more games in my hard drive, my PS4 has 500 as stated in the manual description but actually I only have 440 GB. The PS4 is always stable or stops working or stops downloading, there will be no response when you contact Sunny Support or the ps4 support team, no one will bother to call you or text you back , After purchasing it you are at your own risk.

PlayStation 4 does not have a specific menu option to clear the cache, many times deleting or corrupting a lot of data and affecting your new downloading is required and requires you to delete the old cache , But as we said it is hard work to remove old cash.

If you have any issues with redeeming codes or purchasing products, the Play Station will ask you or direct you if you are writing them via your email account, to provide them with a picture of your invoice or code To play the station link but when you try to send the photo this message will be received Oops, something went wrong. Please try a different document. And you try and try but there is no result and you get no help because you have not sent the image that they did not accept.

It is difficult to add or add duties codes or maps and cannot be found in the console.

The country options change for the Europe version or additional console, but other areas will not have this option, so if you move to another country you will be in a big problem, you do not buy or team anything online. You will find, the team support service is one of the worst in your life, no one will read your emails or requests, you will just get an automated copy relative to the issue.

Xbox in general is much smoother and easier and less complicated than it was the worst decision of my life to buy Play Station 4.

Buying ps4 was my biggest mistake for me. I will never buy anything from Sonny again and not in future.

Answer 2:
This answer is as old as 5/5/2020.

Here is my opinion I copy-paste from one of my previous answers because I still think so.


The Xbox One S is for the social gamer. The Xbox One S, usually has more social applications and features, has more exclusive racers and shooters than PlayStation, and I hate to admit it, but when comparing Xbox Live to PSN, Xbox Live Most categories such as speed, safety win. , And reliability and something like that, PSN is better at fast matchmaking though. Now don’t get me wrong PSN isn’t bad in any way, it’s just not as good as I’ve heard. I only use PSN but it feels like lightning fast. The Xbox One S also has a 4k Blu-ray player, but it does not play 4k blur games. The Xbox One S is less powerful than the PS4, but you probably won’t see much of a difference. For example, games that run on 900 X, such as GTA5, are running at 1080p on Ps4 and are capable of handling more cards and screens like this. I also heard that CoD Ghost runs on Xbox One at 720p while running on 1080p on PS4 … can’t believe it’s true. In short, the Xbox One is for the social gamer who wants a slightly easier user interface and is able to easily connect with their friends at the expense of slightly poor performance and control over certain tasks.


The PS4 Slim is for the hardcore / versatile gamer. The PS4 typically has slightly less social features than the Xbox One S, but still has the basics. It does not even have a 4k Blu-ray player, but still plays just fine and dandy. However, the PS4 has MANY MANY more exclusive than the Xbox. So far, in 2017, the PS4 had 103 exclusive games, while the Xbox had around 67 exclusive games. If you compare the two-year period, the PS4 has 227 exclusions, while the Xbox had 122 exclusions. The PS4 is also, like I said, the IS Xbox is more powerful than the Xbox S S, but, once again, you may not notice. Anything that happens in PS4 is not PS-VR in Xbox. This device is amazing and I own it. It is not as graphically powerful as the PC versions, but for the most part it is inexpensive and inexpensive, and has some great features. Also, comparing the console, the one thing that you can do with the PS4 that you cannot do with the Xbox One S is replace your internal hard drive for a larger size. I did this with me and replaced it with a 2 terabyte one, and am going to connect a 4 terabyte exterior to it. In short, the PS4 is for the hardcore / versatile gamer who wants more / better exclusives, more gaming options, (VR and PlayLink games) and slightly less reliable at the cost of reliable features and slightly enhanced GRAPHICAL performance. is. Fewer social options.


Another thing you want to consider is the controller. Seriously. This may sound stupid, but if you don’t like the controller, you may not like the console. I have used both, as I have a PS4 with 4 DualShock 4G, and my friend once brought my Xbox One S with controllers. Here is my summary


DualShock 4-What I Like: The controller feels very smooth and comfortable in my hands, I love how it is. The touchpad is a very nice feature, and the headphone jack is a welcome addition. Some games have light bar features, and the game you play may have flash cool colors to indicate features, such as the one you are shooting or such. The battery, for me, lasts a fair amount of time.


DualShock 4-What I Dislike: When the battery starts to run low, you can, for me at least, get an input lag where you work with your controller, such as jumping, reloading, Or look around, won’t register until about 10. Seconds later. It is between 2 times and 1 time the battery remaining mark. This is annoying, of course, but this USUALLY goes away quickly. If not, switch it or plug it in.


Xbox One Controller-What I Like: Compared to the DualShock 4, the triggers on this controller were in a way very responsive, to say that the Dualshock 4 ones were not, but the trigger on this controller had lovely vibrations and responsiveness. The poles have a good grip on them, the DualShock 4 does not offer. Although it is incredibly responsive all around. It also returns an input interval.


Xbox One controller — which I dislike: Now … it may be just me, but I wasn’t really fond of the size of the controller. It felt like … small and boxy? My hands just felt awkward holding it. It felt annoying. Now, the triggers were good, but they also made me look huge and chunky and I wasn’t really fond of that. My fingers were drowning in it and I felt as if the whole back of the controller was triggered. I was not keen on that either. I, too, for me, are not really fond of the fact that this controller takes AA batteries. Yes, I know it helps to make it responsive and all, but I don’t really need to spend much money on batteries for my controller, no matter how cheap they are. I got a battery thunder.

So man, in short, what consolation appeals to you. Do you care about social features and strength? Go with the Xbox. Do you like awesome exclusions and more gaming options like VR? Go with PlayStation. And my advice, do research. If you let them go then people will take you to their console. I love the PS4, but at the same time, it’s not for everyone. This applies to both sides.

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