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What is the contact?

“In contact” is a philosophical contraption. Contact is often scolded, they say that it eats time, kills real life, pulls people to the internet and does not release from there, it interferes with work

This is all. But the contact has a weighty advantage, plus, which exceeds all listed losses. He makes you think. In any case, those who are capable of this.

Immediately after registration, a person fires a serious exam – filling up information about oneself with graphs such as “Place of Work” and “School”. Everything is very clear. Write the address, write the number, write the name. You do not need to think you need to copy and insert from memory.

Even with “places” the order is. The only thing that is required is a good memory. Okay, or a little more tricky with Google “favorite TV shows”. I have to ask myself: What do I like? What i don’t like But then come to the aid of recent memories: immediately laughing more fearfully than some gum-club, or like the revenge of the news.
All these questions are good and where is your haunt, animal? And you like to go hunting? Can you eat with your eyes What kind of pack are you from?
But graph activities in contact break the template. Count contacts for writing activities? It is a focused philosophy “What are you doing now?” – Ask the man-animal “I am writing to you,” the person replies.
“How wonderful that you write, and I read!” – Contact Answer “Everyone will talk as calmly as we did!” But … in more detail? How long have you seen me on the site? Only now or long ago notice? What is your vocation in life, except correspondence vkontakte, but, man? .. ”

And man, if he is a man, and not an animal, start wondering what he does in this life. when. What he usually does for life seems to be a very simple question: “What do you do?” Or “What to write in contact?”
And it is difficult to answer. The only difficult question is “Who are you?”
It is such a thing, it seems, in contact domestic – information, activity.
However, before any “contact” people have learned to get away from these profound philosophical reflections in a great way:
“Who are you?” “I am a human being.” – And what are you doing “I’m treating people.” I’m a doctor don’t be distracted. ”
Question” Who are you? “Has been replaced by a profession.
Column” Activity ” Many people like to write the same. Say, “Racer”.
But the contact wants to know more about its user. It is necessary to invent anything. And it’s easier than just imagining yourself … what? this is right. Steal from a friend.
Here are some examples of what can be written to people in their position (and this activity in contact which will become popular all over the world):
– I skillfully preserve you and your apartment, I clean every corner of it Will do, there won’t be a speck of dust … (the constant focus of “activity” – oh, how bad I am! And often – ah, how bad I am).
– Representative of the younger generation of sprite. I only believe in my bright bubble. (And it was better to write it in a “religious view”,
“I am a worm of science that will embrace through its granite and at the same time always be in excellent form.” Do not believe me? And you try and answer your own question.
– I love life … Life doesn’t love me … I like to drink and smoke, but I’m sorry for the money … Who doesn’t mind, treat me to a cigarette and a beer! (A typical example of an effort of honest introspection).
– I take insanity, but do not take responsibility for it. (A typical representative of a pun quarrel fights dozens of times better than anything else).
“My house is a contact.” (Honestly, a lively illustration of the beginning of the article.) What are you doing? I’m sitting).
And so on.

People! Think for yourself Have at least one original!
What to write activity in contact? Just look at yourself and discover the most interesting facts from the period of life. They can just write graph activities. This graph is needed to understand the person who he is or what he is. So, we learn our attitude towards life. Information activity in contact is your way of self-expression.

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