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Many of us want a new phone in an instant. Some of us are not able to pay a huge amount for new devices, considering the prices of new phones today that are known to move from € to huge prices. 500 to € 1400 , which is rapidly falling on the new Devix. For these reasons many people choose to search for a used phone, but there are unpleasant situations that can occur after purchasing a second-hand device, such as A phone with a broken component, stolen or blocked phone, invalid warranty with that phone , or equipment that were inside contact with moisture or water. When purchasing a used phone, you have to pay attention to a few things and to facilitate the phone verification process, we have prepared some useful tips to ensure that you are buying the right phone.


As a first thing, find a phone that will fit your needs at the right price. If you use the phone only for daily activities such as calls, text messages, chatting and using social networks, then you probably won’t need a flagship model with top performance, but on the other hand, if you use your phone For other purposes, such as playing a demanding game or something else, and want to keep things running smoothly, you’ll need a phone with some of the more powerful specifications. Finding a phone at a very low cost can often be a sign of a problem with the phone, make sure you have read all the information and such problems are not mentioned anywhere, maybe someone just needs the money and So that you can use it.


When you are sure that you have found the right phone for you, contact the seller and ask him again if everything is okay with the phone, it is possible that the losses or failures are not listed in the advertisement . Make sure that you select phones from vendors. If you can test your phone while shopping, it is very beneficial in your area. Also, if you are buying a phone from another area, make sure you choose pickup and the mail carrier, which you can open and view your phone when receiving the shipment, so that you can see that the phone If there is a problem or not and if you notice a defect, you can dismiss it and return it to the seller.

If you are meeting a dealer in person, let them know that you do not want a fast purchase, and inform them that you will test the phone and you will need a certain amount of time to do so. When you buy a phone through a shipping service, you usually do not have much time to check that you buy it in person.

With a few steps you can check if the phone has been stolen, and whether the guarantee is valid. We strongly recommend that you do not buy the phone without any warranty. Be sure to purchase only the original packing and phones with all accessories, guarantee sheets and valid stickers with IMEI number on the box.

  • Turn on your phone and enter * # 06 # In the call keypad, a unique IMEI number will appear on your screen. Also compare this number to the number on the phone box, enter this number on a certified guarantee sheet. Should go, make sure it is a match and the guarantee sheet contains the stamp of the company from where the phone was purchased.
  • A web site is also available on the Internet to check if the phone is stolen or lost . Just enter the IMEI number, and information will appear on the screen if someone reported the phone being lost or stolen. Very useful forum.
  • If you are confident with the suggestion that the phone is “clean”, visually inspect it. If there are fewer scratches on the case or on the screen of the phone, you can use it for additional price reductions, ask the seller how the phone was scratched, tell them you’ve seen them, but be careful when you use it. Deep scratches on the screen can cause screen cracks when used. Open whatever is on the phone, open it, and see if everything is fine, make sure nothing was ejecting from the phone and it is not open anywhere. Many models have markers above the bolt, which ensure that there is no scratch sticker or VOID tag at any location, which would indicate that the sticker was removed from a particular location.
  • Be sure to check all the ports on the phone, such as charging or headphone ports, try plugging components into the phone and making sure everything is fine. Try to insert your SIM card on the spot as it is possible that the phone is locked on certain networks. Try calling someone, send a text message, use the search engine, make sure everything works well .
  • All phones have the option of test mode check. The access code depends on the model you are buying, search it online. If you are not sure who it is, for most Samsung devices, the code is * # * # 0 . Just type it into the call keypad and you’ll be able to test the screen, speaker, vibration, etc … just go through all the options and make sure the screen doesn’t have dead pixels, that the screen registers all your touches Is because all other components on the phone are working!
  • Also, check that the phone was not affected by water or moisture, the small indicator should be white and it is usually located in a battery , SIM slot, charging port or headphone port, illuminate these locations and look for it, if If the indicator turned its color red, the phone was subject to moisture.

If the phone is completely right, and if you are sure that it is the right phone for you, you can buy it. But first, if you have any objections, tell the seller and you can ask him to drop the price further if the phone is scratched or damaged somewhere, usually the seller will accept it, but again make sure that both parties. Will be satisfied with the offer. It is very important for a seller to be happy because in the future he may have some offers for you or he can give you a call for a few days to use and test it if you use it. Time encounters some problems. After these tests, everything should be fine with the phone.


We hope we have helped you choose the right one. There is no need to be afraid when purchasing your model, as well as used phones, because with a good inspection, you are good to use it for a long time!

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