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Vktarget: User reviews on this site

Vktarget is an internet project designed for earning in social networks. Furthermore the project will help unblock pages and groups in social networks to collect the required amount of “likes” and spread information.

vktarget review

Here is a small service figure. Today more than eight lakh users have been registered in Vktarget. On average, the work takes up to ten seconds. The disadvantage of the system is that it does not provide many functions.

Vktarget: How to make money?

To earn on this project, you need to be registered in one of the following social networks: “Facebook”, “Facebook” or “Twitter”. They should have their own group, as there are tasks for the owners of the group as well.


vktarget ru review

Best of all, before you start earning, create separate pages on the system, social networks. This must be done in order not to litter your main page. A separate page should be untrusted and as many friends typed in as possible, the more friends, the more you can get paid assignments. This is because advertisers are interested in getting to know a large number of people. For example, the system has “tell friends” or “join a group” or “insert like” functions.

How much can YOU earn?

New tasks appear regularly in the system, but the whole point is that they understand quickly, and they may not be enough. Therefore, to get more work, you often have to visit the Vktarget service. Reviews about work on this service are unclear. Actually this is due to the fact that you cannot earn a decent amount. Average earnings are several hundred rubles a month. This amount is easy to obtain.

You can not only earn yourself, but also with the help of referrals. Referrals are people who register with your link. From their income, you will get five percent.

In the system you can invite people who want to promote something with the help of social networks, except earning.


How to earn vktarget

How to earn money?

  1. You need to go to the section and go to the “Available tasks” tab.
  2. Select the work you like and start it. Perform. For example, connect with a specific community. We click on the link, and we are redirected to the page where you can join this community. Then click on the button “Join the community.” All in all, the task is executed. Other tasks are also done in a similar way.

For such work, the system pays fifty kopecks. Ten kopeks are paid for like, like in Facebook – fifty. The minimum amount for withdrawal is fifty rubles. This is how Vktarget works. Feedback from people about this mode of earning is also positive as the system does not withdraw interest from the money earned.

Reviews http

Cost of doing various tasks

Work for “VKontakte”

  1. If you wish, the system pays you ten kopeks.
  2. “Tell Friends” – Tis Koppek.
  3. You can earn thirty kopecks for adding videos and stories about him.
  4. To post an advertisement, enter a community or group – thirty kopecks.

Assignments for facebook

  1. The price of the published post is thirty kopek.
  2. Story about the internet project and “like” – fifty cents.

Work for Twitter

  1. The cost of following is twenty-five Koppek.
  2. Fasting and reconsideration cost fifty kopecks.

Work for youtube

  1. Watching a video costs 0.04 rubles.
  2. Subscribe to the channel – thirty cents.
  3. “Like” – forty-eight Kopek.

Payments are made on WebMoney, Yandex.Money and Qiwi Wallet. divorce

The main difference of the system is that you can earn on your group. It works as follows. After placing a promotional link in a group, you are given a monetary reward in the amount of one ruble after one thousand trips.

You can promote your own groups and pages in Vktarget. User feedback on this is only positive.

Recently, another type of function has been added to the system. This is called “explain the group”. You can use this if you need lots of people to learn about your group.

There are some users who are not quite sure why social networks exist and what can be done with them. To solve this problem, Vakaret has opened a special Internet project, where the authors of the system will periodically publish all kinds of posts about advertising. They will also talk about social networks, innovations and changes occurring in them, and give you free suggestions on how the system works.

How to use the system for advertisers?

If you want to use this service as an advertiser, the main question is, of course, how much you have to pay for it. The advertiser pays a penny. For example, for the fact that the user puts “repost” or “like”, you need to pay about sixty cents. Almost the same – to join the group.

Many advertisers are interested in whether to start working in the system without initial investment? The system provides such an opportunity. You can earn money first, and then put money on advertising.

Reviews: http: // vktarget ru

It should be noted that this internet project is convenient for work, and registration happens very quickly. You can authorize using just your page. The tasks are very simple to complete. Particularly interesting is the referral program. If you hear that vakrat is a divorce, don’t believe it. In particular, the system helps to start creating new ones. These are the subtleties of working with Vecret. The reviews are mostly positive. This project is the best for advertising and earning in social networks today.

vktarget divorce

But it is necessary to consider the users who are dissatisfied with the work at Waycargate. Their reaction to the system is sometimes very negative. What are they dissatisfied with?

  1. These are the people who have banned “Divorce, not work,” he assures. But here it is not always the same. In some cases it may be due to violation of system rules. The most common violation is as follows: the person joined the group, and left the group after payment. If you have joined a group or subscribed to a page, you cannot leave it immediately. This also applies to posts that cannot be removed immediately.
  2. Who have banned their page “VKontakte”. As a result, you will not be able to meet on Vktarget. The response of such people immediately starts writing negatively, such that the system does not pay the money earned. But they are the only ones guilty in this case.
  3. The system often delays the payment of earned money. A person can write a negative review, assuming that he will not be paid the money.
  4. Sometimes users incorrectly specify a wmr wallet and then mistakenly think they were a breed.

The conclusion

Therefore, we considered a system for earning social networks Despite some ambiguous moments, reviews about her work can be considered satisfactory. We recommend that you register and try not only to make money, but also advertise for your pages and groups on social networks.

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