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Variety: Review Variety Dating Site

Social studies show that our day people are more closed and prefer to make friends not in real life but in the virtual world. It contributed to the creation of several dating sites that help single hearts find each other. In this article you will learn all about dating social network, whose reviews are very popular among internet users.

Variety review

What is luck

The site’s history began in 2009, when two young web developers decided to create a portal for communication to people around the world. At the moment, Kismet is positioned as a social network of acquaintances, anyone can register, who has reached the age of 18 years.

Among the advantages of the site is the difference between its founders: real registration and proven questionnaires of real people. On the site you can find information that the system uses modern technologies to select the appropriate ones, this allows you to minimize the search time to a minimum. But there is no word on the exact selection principle. It is worth noting that sections of contacts and technical support contain very little information for visitors and potential project participants, who cannot alarm.

How to register on site?

A large registration window is found at the entrance of each visitor’s site, for which you will have to specify your name, gender, age, existing email and password. After entering all the data on the e-mail comes with a link to activate the profile of Kismia. My page, which should be opened after activation, is still unavailable. Access to the private office will be discontinued until the user answers the questions of a special psychological test allegedly developed by the project’s founders.


Variety com review

Psychological test

As a test, the site variety is required to select the most appropriate pair, as it passes. That is, the user will not need to search for a partner for communication independently, for which the system will do it.

Variety, about which reviews are very popular. For young people, all participants are required to answer the questions, therefore, they will not be able to stay away from the answers. Additionally, you cannot transfer tests and start communicating with real people, the entrance to your private office will be available only after passing this formal process. Many people who have tried to register with Kismiya celebrate this strange act.

After the psychological testing is completed, the user enters his or her personal account. Here he can upload a profile photo and start virtual communication. True, and at this stage it is waiting for a kind of surprise.

Kismia dating

The intellectual selection of the pair will show the most suitable in the opinion of the system options in the “My Page” section. The individual cabinet is entered by entering the specified e-mail and password during registration.

Requests for personal communication are practically instant, which raises doubts about the integrity of the resource. Many users of the network express their belief that the site Kismia created so-called bots that support artificial communication, creating the illusion of a real person.

It is impossible to search for people on site independently, so it is necessary to select the system as a result of psychological testing. But the profile will not start even after registration of the profile, because each day spent in the project, the participant has to pay.

 Kismet My Page Login

How much does it cost

The only free service on the site is registration. The system asks for payment if the user creates a questionnaire and receives a selection of suitable candidates for it. Without payment, social network members cannot read incoming messages and, accordingly, write to someone.

The initial minimum payment is 30 rubles for 1 day of using the site. A plastic card or bank account number is used for payment. However, do not invest your funds until you have studied the various opinions of real users of the Kismiya website. The review suggests that there is always a risk of obtaining fraudulent resources. It is almost impossible to return the money from him.


Feedback on site luck

Variety online dating site

Reactions on acquaintances’ social networks are mostly negative. All users fill a psychological test and automatically match a pair. But these are minor details compared to paying for communications on, reviews and comments about which do not prove the best intentions of its creators.

Often the following cases are noted. After the user enters their card number, the system starts uncontrollably debiting all available money from the system, instead of 30 rubles as per the rules. I think this is a vivid example of a fraudulent resource aimed at pumping money from stupid users?


Review about variety dating site review

There are no positive reviews on the web regarding the social network of Kissimia dating, after registering people understand that they were getting divorced. As evidence of this, there are also inappropriate questionnaires of “intellectual” selection. In other words, 20-year-old women are offered to familiarize themselves with women over 40, and vice versa.

A review of Kismia’s website warns that it is not worth it to go through the registration process and enter your personal data, as the system will use them for its own purposes. The most profitable daily e-mail is the newsletter, it is difficult to unsubscribe from it. But who knows what other goals are pursued by the founders of the resource.

Delete your profile from the site also does not work, as the personal account has no function to delete the profile, and the site’s technical support does not respond to requests from users of Kismia. Feedback on the project is simply overwhelmed with complaints about the site’s improper work.

Free dating sites

Any dating site that requires payment is communication, in most cases it becomes a simple divorce. So, if you still decided to watch your other half online, then use the free services. For example, Mamba or Loveplanet. Both resources are absolutely free and include vast databases of questionnaires for various cities and countries of the world. Additionally, these sites can always check the identity of the person you like by sending a request for technical support.

Variety dating

Make new friends and try your luck. You can offer communities of interest in any popular social network. Communicating with virtual users sharing your hobby, you may meet the only person who will probably have a long-awaited second half.


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