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OOO “Tehonodrive” Internet shop: Review

Today we have to find out with you “TechnoDrive” gets reviews. This company has existed for a long time on the World Wide Web. And it attracts many users. But is it appropriate to use the company’s services? Or better to find some other online hardware store. Let’s try to find out what exactly “TechnoDrive” LLC is. All this will help in making the right decision about purchase on this resource. Maybe we have the next scammers?

Technical review

The activity

But first we’ll find out what the LLC is doing “TehnoDrayv”. Perhaps, it was only clear from the name – this firm sells appliances and electronics in various cities. Perhaps, there are many such offers on the Internet. And the company need not be surprised.

Some cities in Russia also have offices “TehnoDrayv”. Reviews about them, as well as mixed on the online store. It is difficult to understand whether it is worth contacting here. Why does this happen? Let us try to understand this difficult question. Some people think that we are dealing with real scammers. But is it really so? Or is it just the condemnation of the contestants?

The sale

To be honest, our current issue can be called ticklish. “TechnoDrive” customer reviews are questionable in all senses. The company is trading specifically for the type of goods.

Techno Online Store

What are we talking about? As already mentioned, this organization provides us with technology and electronics. But in some ways only slightly non-standard. Why? It is about a seizure. That is, “Technodrive” is an online store that sells confiscated equipment. In theory, if you’re not out of the squeeze, there’s nothing terrible in it. It is not just that our current firm has proven itself. Real buyers with great pleasure are attracted by this internet resource. But does it feel like everything is so good?

Classification and Prices

“Technodrive” – ​​an online store with a rich assortment of famous hamlets, as well as human prices. In truth, those who prefer to use the Internet to conduct transactions, Skip is not the best review about this organization. Why?

For example, it is very low in price. The same “iPhone 6” can cost around 10 000 rubles. While the original cost is 3-4 times more. Such actions wrote an idea for fraud.

OU Technology

However the choice of seized equipment and electronics “Technodrive” (Russia and other cities in Russia) is huge. Sometimes the eyes literally run away when you choose. Luckily, if you know exactly what you need, you can always find it in this company.

“Technodrive” enjoys a huge popularity with kitchen equipment. It’s about small appliances like fryers, waffle makers and the like. For example, it is here that you can order a machine for cheap but good popcorn or sweet wool. It’s tempting, isn’t it? But is it fair to trust “TechnoDrive”? Reviews about this organization do nothing but many doubts.

Payment and delivery

For example, due to the terms of payment of the order, and also the delivery of what you want to buy. The problem is that Technodrive, whose electronics and home appliances are of interest to many, demands 100% prepayment for the provision of their services. That is, you must pay in full for the purchase first, and then wait until it is delivered.

If you read the terms of delivery carefully, you can see that the company is not responsible for the situation in which you order. Tilted, faulty or just not working – that’s all your problem. You buy confiscated goods at your own risk. But at affordable prices. Perhaps everything will be in order, and you can get a quality product. But there is no guarantee. It is time to reflect on the firm’s integrity.

Technodrive Electronics

The loss

But more and more “TechnoDrive” reviews them as customers meet after attempting to contact the corporation to agree an order. The problem is that after making money, the company’s managers simply disappear. Your call has been refused to be answered, and e-mails do not reach the recipient. Additionally, it is often discovered that the numbers listed in the “Contact” section are completely blocked. And you have nothing to do with the administration of the site.

Needless to say, what happens next? “Technodrive” in electronics or technology, bought in an online store, simply does not reach the customer. That is, you are deceived and born for money. If it doesn’t, you can enjoy. Such cases are one in a million. So don’t believe too much “TechnoDrive”. Reviews about this organization are far from comfortable. And to complain about the shop, as practice has shown, is useless. You still can’t prove you’re right.

Where does praise come from?

But then why do “technodrive” reviews often turn out to be very good, positive? If it is a scammer, the Internet resource should not earn “laurels”.

Technodrive moscow

As practice has shown, often flattery and opinions about what a good shop this “TechnoDrive” has revealed have come to the fore. That is, specially trained people are paid for the fact that they publish positive opinions about the company. And thus they attract a new audience to the resource.

To prove their words, users often leave photos and screenshots of the commands that came to them and which they created at one time. This is not a reason to trust such opinions. All the evidence in this case is a pure forgery. Even a novice user or a schoolboy can master it.

So, as you can see, “TechnoDrive” is very suspicious organization. And don’t trust him completely. Even though the prices and classification of the goods here are very attractive. Like most users, you risk cheating. Several inspections by tax inspectors and police have not yet produced results. There is no exact confirmation that “TechnoDrive” are scammers, no. True, if you rely on real reviews about the organization, then you have to stay away from this company. It is better to order appliances and electronics in proven locations.

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