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Newfag and Boonefag – Who is it?

A man who has just started to master the location of the Internet, encounters a large number of words and concepts that do not have a proper explanation. In fact, Oldfag – who is it, and why is it so important? The problem is that dialogue is running at high speed on many resources, and due to misunderstanding of words, meaning is lost and rolled. What can I do about this?

Who are old and newfagas

Use of Internet meaning and intent

For each area of ​​activity, its style of communication, while the number of particular words may vary greatly at the same time. The Internet is practically no different from other areas, but different areas of excitement include, for example, this programmers And it could be business communication from IT experts or anime, comics, families of any other hobby.

Internet slang allows you to make it much easier. Communicate, identify “your own”, create a circle of communication. However, in any case, there are people who understand this issue better or worse, but What to call them – beginners and experts? So who are the Oldfagas and the Newfagas, and why is the distinction between them so important? The paradox of Internet slang is that the upgrade value of a title or titles is seriously different from reality.

Who is oldfag

Oldfag – Who is this?

Being an expert in this or that matter is honorable, this statement is not questioned. If we consider the old Feig as an expert on this or that issue, why is there some irony in this rank?

The word “Purfag” originates from the English Old (Old) and fag is derived from the Greek “to absorb” the second constituent logical, but found pure most commentators say it is an American slang term meaning a homosexual. If we consider structure to mean any derivation for the end, “phase”, in most cases, it means the special value of attraction is being plagued more than ever while introducing the subject. So, anime fans, animefagami and anonymous opponents can call the comment writing diligently on its entry, called neymfagami.

Therefore, Oldfagy is not just “long” in the system. “These are people who value their awareness a lot. This phenomenon leads to a completely understandable irony, so there are many memes associated with this concept. For example, oldfag glasses, which are avatars using Photoshop or Users are added to photos. The design of the glasses replicates the character of the old fireplace, a character from the old anime Guren-Lagaan. Sometimes they are replaced with black pixel glasses, but this is a more recent interpretation.


Old glasses

Who is Newfag?

Unlike Oldfag there is always a newfag — a newbie who does not understand the question under discussion. In some cases of contempt there is little irony in this definition, perhaps even ridicule. The newfag or noob is one that is not only a beginner, but a highly active user who literally pops out of their skin to get as much attention as possible. As “Lurk” Ranet’s well-known encyclopaedia points out, Oldfag will always make fun of Newfag, and will apply it on the slightest chance.

Bitred oldfag

Artificial significance of the user’s “title”

Concepts of Oldfags and Newfags appeared during the Hayboard of forums – forums that give visitors the opportunity to communicate anonymously, attaching images to messages. There is a kind of paradox, because the lack of the need for authorization makes all users equal, anonymous, and there is an illusion that everyone can use an old-timer.

In the sense of a beginner, there is something imaginary at which level you can gain the respect of the whole community. Therefore, the user who takes the first step in the community poses the question: “Oldfag – who is it, and how to get into this category early?” Errors are unavoidable on this path, which allows other users to make fun of newfags without interruption.


Oldfagy not Triforce

Psychology of communication on the internet

In the initial stage of the development of the Internet, it seems that the user should somehow identify themselves as an interest group. Therefore, the user starts sorting definitions in search of the community that best suits him – beard, old, animistic? Such hobbies are particularly dangerous for teenagers: the fragile psyche reacts very rapidly to the increased pressure in the community on any novice.

Tricycle as a typical meme

Like any event in our lives, the old with neufags is surrounded by diverse cultural events or memes. For example, such a lamb as “trifors” appeared from the cult game Legend of Zelda. In the original, it is an artwork made up of three triangles. That form has become a kind of graphical test for user experience. The trifers icon can be typed using a continuous space, otherwise the top of the triangle is knocked out at the beginning of the line, thus exposing the newfag.

However, this meme quickly developed into the stable expression “not Oldfagy triforce.” This means that Oldfag is not obliged to prove his degree of perseverance by demonstrating the ability to post triforce, and he who does so is a slightly advanced newcomer to gain part of his recognition, appreciation, or envy. The multilevel logic of this phenomenon boils down to the simplest essence – many users make fun of other users of the forums and are, in fact, only trolls.

Lean old

Relevance of definitions

Is it worth striving for recognition in a virtual community where oppression thrives, a clear division into some sort of underprivileged caste? Oldfag – Who is this, a revered member of the party or an unnamed, revelation in its uniqueness? Is it really a shame to have a newfag?

All the time, newbies baffle, but it never took such total proportions. Anonymity allows almost anyone to quickly pump out data that can be considered an old-timer, thus it gains short-term privileges. We have to accept that excessive devotion to virtual titles and titles lies in immature personalities. And it has long been outside the boundaries of the imageboard, now in almost any online community there are people who make up the so-called elite. The rest are either assigned to the role of a retinue, or are persecuted strangers who are happily swinging.

Teenagers are most affected by this incident as individuals dependent on the opinions of others. It is great if parents or elders can explain the principle of operating this far-reaching hierarchy to a teenager and save them from unnecessary suffering about anonymously abusive remarks.


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