How to use the URL forwarder with a subdomain

Do you want to setup a specific subdomain to forward to another website, such as pointing to a separate domain? You can do that using our free URL forwarder, although do note that you can only setup one forward per domain at the present moment.



From your domain management screen (usually the first page you land on after logging in), click on details on the domain you wish to have forward and click on Edit next to URL Forwarding.


In the field labeled Forward To, write the URL you want visitors to land on. Then click on “Toggle advanced settings” and check “Only delete URL forwarding specific DNS records” at the bottom of the options, then click “Submit.”


Open up your DNS settings, you should see two new records pointed to “” or “” Delete one of these records.


Click the pencil icon next to the second record and write the subdomain you want to use under the Host field.


That’s it! You should now have a subdomain setup as a forward on your domain. Please note, you can only have one URL forwarder registered per domain using our system.


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