How to use Bulk Manage to modify several domains at once

Porkbun provides a mechanism for instantly making changes to multiple domains in your account at once. Using Bulk Manage, you can instantly make the following changes to several or all of your domains at once:


Authoritative nameservers


DNS records

Here’s how:



Log in. You should arrive at the Domain Management screen. If you’re already logged in, click the menu icon in the top-right corner and select Domain Management.


From the Domain Management window, check the checkboxes to the left of the domains you wish to manipulate. If you wish to make a change to all of your domains, click the checkbox above the individual checkboxes to select every domain in your account.




In the blue box that appears, click the drop-down list labled “Bulk Actions” and select “Bulk Manage.”


From the Bulk Domain Management screen, you can manage your Domain Contacts, DNS records, or Authoritative Nameservers for multiple domains at once. You can also set up URL forwarding.Simply click the corresponding green button for the desired change under the box containing the list of domains to manage.



⚠️️ Warning

Be very careful when making changes via Bulk Manage. All specified domains will update after you click “Submit” without an additional confirmation step. Changes made via Bulk Manage will wipe out your previous settings.


Once you’ve made your changes, you should be greeted with the following screen indicating that your changes will momentarily be applied to your domains. If you’re updating multiple domains, you may receive a message indicating




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