How to connect your domain to Squarespace

If you already have a site built at Squarespace you can use our Quick Connect feature to link it to your domain.


Setting up your domain at Squarespace

In order to link your domain to your Squarespace site, you first need to prepare Squarespace for your domain.



If you don’t already have a Squarespace account, get one at If you already have an account you can skip this step.


Log into Squarespace if you haven’t already. From the main Squarespace screen, Click “SETTINGS” link on the left side of the screen.3

Click “Domains”4


Type your domain under “Domain Name” and click “CONTINUE.”6


Select a domain provider of “Other” and click “CONNECT DOMAIN.”8

A message box will appear. Click “OKAY.”9

The DNS Settings box will appear. Take special note of the entry under the Host column with a Required Data entry of This is your verification code. Don’t close this browser window! You’ll need to refer back to it in a few minutes.

Connecting your domain to Squarespace

Now that you’ve prepared your domain, it’s time to use Quick Connect to link your domain to Squarespace.



Login to your Porkbun account.


From the Domain Management page, click the Details button for the domain you would like to connect to and click the Manage link under Quick Connect. 3

On the next screen, click Squarespace.4

If you’ve already created your site at Squarespace, click “I Have One.” If you haven’t yet, click “I Need One.”5

Click “Next Step.”6

Here’s the pivotal moment. Under “Verification Code” paste in your verification code from Squarespace’s DNS SETTINGS screen in step 9 of the previous section. Click “Connect Domain.”7

Now, switch back over to Squarespace and click “Refresh.”

All of the “Current Data” should turn green instead of red. If it doesn’t, wait a minute and try again.

That’s it! Your domain is now linked to Squarespace and your domain should begin resolving worldwide to your Squarespace site in a few minutes (up to 48 hours in some cases.)

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