How to add your domain to marketplace

If you’d like to sell your domain, you do it without ever leaving Domain Management using Porkbun’s Marketplace. You set the price, then visitors to your domain will be greeted with a “This Domain is for Sale” page that allows them to immediately buy the domain. In addition, your domain will be added to Porkbun’s search results at a price you set.


To list your domain on Porkbun’s Marketplace, log into your Porkbun account. You should arrive in Domain Management. Look for the money symbol ($) to the right of your domain, and click the icon.




Be sure to review the terms of the Marketplace Program before listing the domain. Here’s a link to an overview of how the program works:


Once you’re confident you would like to proceed with the listing, complete the following steps:



Choose the price ($20 minimum, $10,000 maximum) at which you would like to list your domain.


You can optionally add a “This Domain is for Sale” parked page (recommended.) Visitors will be greeted with a “Buy Now” link they can use to easily purchase the domain. Please note this option will assign Porkbun nameservers and modify DNS to point at the “for sale” page.


You can optionally add a contact form via which visitors can send you a direct message, typically to negotiate the price. If you negotiate a lower price with the buyer, you will then need to manually lower the price in the Marketplace and contact the buyer to complete the transaction.


Once you’ve got everything looking the way you want, click Submit.


Now that you have listed the domain on the Porkbun Marketplace, you will want to go into your Marketplace Program landing page. To get to your Marketplace settings page, you will want to click on the drop down arrow next to Account in the upper right hand corner of your screen and choose “Marketplace Program”.



Porkbun can only pay out via PayPal at this time. To receive payments, select PayPal, then enter your in your PayPal email account, then click the Update button.




Payouts generally occur on the 15th of the month. If the 15th falls on a weekend, holiday, or on rare occasion due to an administrative conflict, we may pay out a few days earlier or later.


That’s it! You have now successfully added your domain to Porkbun’s Marketplace and configured payouts. You can remove your domain from the marketplace at any time by repeating these steps.


If you’d like to check on the Performance of your Marketplace, simply click on the Performance tab.



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