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Gear Best: Store Review

The global goods market becomes for everyone. We are getting closer. In this at least the role is played by large online centers, which offer a huge range of products. With their help, a buyer from one point of the world can order just a click of any product from another point at a cheaper price and get it in a few days. It all sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? But this is the reality!

In this article we will talk about a famous Chinese online store, which is filled with different products for every taste. In addition to many things, they can also offer quite “sweet” prices for all products. The resource address in question is

Gearbest review

Reviews describing the resources, along with features are the most positive aspects. In particular, domestic buyers also call this shop one of the best in many respects. What it represents, as well as further information about procedures for registration, payment and receipt of goods, will be discussed in today’s review.

Select accessories on gearbest

Customer reviews, which describe this or that shopping center, often begin with the characteristics of its range. Such an approach is designed for a reason: it is important for people to give them a chance to make a choice. has gone.

It doesn’t matter what you buy – a coversmartphone, handbag or sneakers for you, but you only want to look for different models, sort the manufacturers, re-read reviews from the same buyer. Help can only be provided by a large assortment, which is correctly available at

These responses that we have managed to prove: The resource is indeed too large to judge for itself: it displays products in 16 categories, each of which is a collection of additional subtitles. For example, “Electronics”, “Auto / Moto”, “Home and Garden” are the segments. Apparently, many of all named are its subcategories, where there is a mass of stuff if you try to imagine how much there is on (review confirms this), just around the head. have to go! And, of course, this is all in line with the buyer’s choice.

Special section

Make sure the site presented is very simple: just open a section and start the “bypass” categories yourself – you’ll see lots of interesting, and at first glance, useful things for your gaze. Perhaps this is the secret to the success of Chinese goods (including those sold on GearBest). The reviews pay attention to the same thing: Most products that are put on sale here do not make so much value as sentimental value. A person simply wants to seize a convenient and seemingly attractive case for a smartphone; Get “one” hangers for the kitchen and all that. The Chinese specializes in the style of making such items. Review

But it is not important. All this product is presented excellently – with the help of special sections. These are not the categories that make up a set of related things, but those classes where, for example, goods are given at a discount. By ordering them on the site, you have the opportunity to save, for example, up to 50% of the cost of things. And, of course, such a product is ordered in large quantities.

Or, for example, on GearBest (review will confirm) there are sections with new, recently received merchandise. In them, the buyer can find some fashionable novelties that will delight the product before it becomes popular in its city stores.

The same goes for the “cool” column. In it, portal developers, of course, put the most popular products that might interest customers.


The positive feature of the portal we are describing is clearly what can be called a flexible system of relaxation. If you “climb” through the GearBest catalog (customer reviews indicate that it’s just that many people make their final choice as to what they’ll buy next time), you can find a lot of products as “discounted” Can see marked in This is not some regular marketing trick or trick for the buyer. In fact, many sellers are willing to offer their product at a lower price to earn a certain rating in the store and thus strengthen their reputation. Review

Since there are so many sellers, the buyer has a constant chance to “run” another discount. And the site’s authors are great in the sense that they were able to put all these special offers together and thus make navigation more convenient on discounted goods. For example, it also indicates the exact amount of money you have saved. Really simple, easy and inexpensive!

In addition to regular discounts, there are special time periods that are characterized by the presence of certain special conditions for the purchase of goods. In particular, it could be the famous Black Friday or some important day (something like a birthday) for the store. At this time you can buy goods at a gearbest (store reviews will prove this). In theory, therefore, those who know about it.

registration form

So let’s say you decide to shop for anything we are describing on the site. To do this, of course, you must go through a mandatory registration process, during which you provide your site with your data, and in return you get access to its functionality.

This process is done very simply: Along with all other Internet resources, you will be asked to provide your contact information, mail and password, as well as a phone number to receive your goods, and to contact the administration and vendor. All this does not last more than a few minutes.


GearBest Store Review

At the time of this writing, the site had a special offer. If you sign up, get a $ 50 coupon (considered). In fact, China went for a clever move.

After you create an account on the site, get 10 coupons, which offer the perfect rebate as $ 5. In addition, according to the terms of the site, each of them can be applied to only one product, which costs more than $ 50. Buying things here, you can actually save a little on such a price, but it is impossible to manipulate these things.

Product selection

It is easy to select what you have purchased. To do this, you can use, for example, the search form. Enter the name of the item, specify its modification, type and select the required lot in the drop-down list. The most relevant results will be presented here.

Another way to buy something on GearBest (site reviews suggest that many visitors do so) is to do a manual search using a hierarchy of categories and their classes.


GearBest Customer Review

For example, if you want to choose for yourself Smartphone, but do not know the exact name, just go to the “Mobile Phone” section, select the operating system, as well as decide on memory size, screen size, and other criteria. Thus, the site will make a list of interesting products for you as soon as possible.

Finally, the third way to choose things is to learn from other people’s experiences. By particular, I mean a search for some video reviews and blogs wherein the author gets the goods from a Chinese store, after which they publish a direct link to this or that. Shopping at such addresses, you can be sure that you are waiting for a topic of appropriate quality.


Considering that goods have been ordered of those counterparties who are physically located in a remote country where a completely different currency is used, a natural question arises: how is payment made? But we have a positive answer to this: It is not worth worrying about how your money will be transferred. The site’s Chinese representatives have developed a universal system for receiving funds, which allows you to transfer both funds to Visa / MasterCard cards and PayPal payment systems.

Review on online store GearBest

Shipping Info

You do not even have to worry personally about how the product will be dispatched. Sellers have many delivery options, from which you as a buyer are given the right to choose. In particular, airmail is considered the most common. It takes 3 to 5 weeks on average and costs free as well. All this is due to the low cost of services of this type of transportation.

For more expensive items, even if the buyer wants to get the goods in the shortest time, there are services like TNT and DHL. Their services will cost $ 40-60 depending on the size and weight of the product. But the parcel will be in your hands after a few days.

Transaction protection

Another troubling question may seem to be the reliability of the acquisition of goods on the described site. Ultimately, as we all understand, protecting your money, provided that your seller is located somewhere in China, is very difficult. To do this, keep some primary rules in mind.

First, always check the sales history with whom you are going to collaborate. Obviously, you should not place an order (at least as large) for someone who has a sale by 10-15. We recommend contacting more reliable stores that value their reputation.

Second, be sure to check reviews about a particular product. Like store reviews, they can say a lot about the seller’s ways of working.

Third, don’t be in a hurry to confirm the deal, ultimately transferring money to the supplier. It is better to check the quality of the lots received, then, confirm the transaction after making sure everything is normal. Otherwise, you cannot make claims then.

Feedback system

Also be careful what you get Quality review on this product. It should be kept in mind that they are not always made by real people, and in all situations such recommendations do not reflect objective reality. Perhaps it is a customized posting, and the seller simply deceives buyers. Check it out for other lots. Review Shop

The return

In the event that something has been lost or has come to an abusive situation, the process is initiated for its return. Do not forget that the buyer whose interests have been affected should do so. Otherwise, the transaction you have completed will simply close, and you will not be able to return or prove anything.

Store Findings

Review from online store GearBestRussian-speaking customers we were able to meet praise the portal described by us in every way. All the aspects that make a shopping site a success are well implemented here: a wide range of products are presented, low prices, a system of reviews and refunds are applied for low quality goods . If you are interested in some kind of accessory, electronics, clothing, or anything else, use the search on GB, and you will be interested!

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