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Earnings on “Toloko Yandex”: Reviews

Service “YandexSafety” – a new platform for income from major search engines It allows you to hard all users to work the Internet, doing the simplest setting that money can be noticeable Each registered system User .. “Cleanup” (“Yandex”) User comments have confirmed this fact.

The topic of earning in Internet


Touloca Yandex Feedback
For most internet users, the actual receipt of money on the topic web is the most important and constantly discussed, and with the help of “Yandex”, you too can earn your first dollar on the net, without having your own site. It is worth noting that this project is not an affiliate program. For most users, this fact may seem less service “cleaning” (“Yandex”). The review has already started earning testimony to this.


Income on the Internet with service from “Yandex”

Today “YandexSafety provides salary for residents of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Turkey and Kazakhstan. In order to start working on the website, the user first thing is the need to fill in the questionnaire, the user agreement is confirmed so-called, Confirm your real phone number. Only then will the complexity and value complete access to the list of individual functions.


yandex toloka review

To date, reviews on the earnings system “Taloka” (“Yandex”) can be found on the Internet, both positive and negative.


Yandex Touloca Earnings
For the complexity of tasks, they are easy. For example, you can mark content for adults in five categories, compare the proposed items with explicit criteria, and independently evaluate the relevance of the search output of a particular search query. In a word, there are a lot of functions, their list is used keeping in mind the regional location of the user and the text of the request. This condition is called determinant or arbitrator.


How much can you earn with the service from “Yandex”?

For payment, one can get a $ 0.01 to $ 0.05 of assignments – everything depends directly on the complexity of the work. Simple tasks are evaluated, as a rule, at the bottom mark – such tasks can be attributed to, for example, the relevance of search results from $ 0.03 to $ 0.05 to pages containing content for adults. Can earn by completing the task of reviewing and defining.


What does yandex do
Approximately five minutes is given to perform a task in the system, depending on the correct time requirements. For each site, there are three types of estimation – performance error, to exclude relevant or irrelevant fraud, the correctness of the evaluation is checked by an additional group of administrators. In the case when the user continuously enters negative digits, he ends up receiving the task from the system.


Monetization of earnings

Internet resources “YandexSafety income can be displayed both in a purse in the Yandex system, which is called” Yandex money “or in Pay Pal. Income is paid within 14 days from the date of filing the application for refund. If it earns more than that amount, $ 10, participants of the project will need to fill out an application in the Latin alphabet at the tax office, as strange as it may seem, United States. Only Evaluators express the question of whether there is a connection between the Russian-speaking system after working for some time on the service “Yandeks.Toloka” and Ogove United States.

Service forum

Based on the fact that the service is running perfectly recently, and the excitement around it is very, very large, the work set is carried out with lightning speed and they are constantly in short supply, in turn, yandix active form Is working on regular replenishment of the system. If we talk about the fact that Yandex-Toloko is not completely clear, reviews from active users are sent to a forum created specifically in English, Turkish and Russian. Everyone can ask a question on it, read it exciting and obviously, the opinion of the project participants.

The forum has mainly raised the issue that “Yandex-Toloca” is none of the work, as well as constantly asking about the number of dollars earned using the site. Many people write that if you worked for 20–30 minutes of project time, you could easily earn from $ 1 to $ 5 but, perhaps, this is a statement from those who worked from day one We do. Of course, you can find more mistakes and shortcomings on the resource, but Yandex is working to eliminate them.

“Taloka” (“Yandex”) – What’s this?

As it became clear from the above, immediately after the simple process of asking to earn, the service can be done only read the instructions carefully and follow the rules set accordingly.

Start work in “Yandex.Toloka”

To work, you have to choose any job that you like, read the instructions carefully, do the work and eventually get an award.

It should be noted, perhaps, that the browser will first have to block a work sites that need to be evaluated, but the pop-up window will give information about how to proceed on “cleaning” the service. For example, in popular browsers like Firefox, you should perform a simple action, namely “Disabled protection on this page.”

Yandex Toloka no assignment


Before you start performing the simplest tasks, it is important to carefully study the small instructions that you can read by clicking the button in the top right corner of the page.

Income on the service of “Yandex-Toloka” is not particularly great, but at the same time such work cannot be called exhausting. Finally, the artist in the process of performing various types of sites for evaluation of different search sites Should be found. It is also necessary to follow your vision, and to complete the task it is necessary to approach creatively and with full passion.

Progress on the quality of inquiries and evaluators – how are they related?


Yandex Tolora
Such internet revenue will be very interesting for webmasters-optimizers, who will also better understand the relevance of the site for a specific search query in the process of working from “YandX” to “Tolok” system. And to understand, as we see, based on the results of the evaluation, already serious, will take a certain position at the top of the site search.

Yandex Tolora

In short, I want to note that reviews from the service “Toloka” (“Yandex”) users receive a wide variety – both positive and negative, so there is no way to make a clear conclusion. From this it seems that you should not rely on rumors, but rather make sure by working yourself, and only then will write your impressions in the comments.

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