Does quantity mean quality?

Many companies boast of hosting XXXXXX servers etc. Is it really a guarantee of quality?

Admittedly, we do not hide it, the quantity shows that a company is well established, that there is a certain stability within the company. In other words, that it will not close overnight 🙂 Also, who says quantity means better price (generally ..)!

However, as a customer, do you shop for accommodation based on price alone?

If only the price matters, there is a problem … For a “personal” site where uptime, support and stability do not matter, there is no harm in looking only at the price! Otherwise, you have to think twice!

The parameter that should be looked at instead is the price / quality ratio.

Imagine the following situation. You have accommodation whose price is very “low cost”. You have everything installed and everything works (despite some delays ..). The site is not very fast, but it works… It happens that one Sunday at 7 pm, your site is no longer functional. You then contact the host in question. You only receive a response on Monday morning telling you “we are looking at this for you”. The host in question does not have 24/7 support, and its competence is a bit “to be reviewed”. Your site will then remain offline for several hours or even days! The fact that the site is offline represents a significant loss both in terms of SEO and turnover! The harm in your site being inaccessible is immense.

The question to ask yourself: were the few euros saved worth it

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